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Spring is just around the corner and the sunshine sheds some welcome light in our daily life. This of course means that it will be the ideal weather for a drink or two, accompanied with a good smoke. What then could be a good taste to accompany these drinks? Warm weather calls for refreshing tastes and today’s tobacco certainly brings that to the front. Moving back to Schneiderwind, I will take a look at their summer mixture. Let’s see if Aachen 2007 can bring some sunshine back into the living room.

Tropical and exotic

Now when I wrote that Aachen 2007 promises the tastes of the summer, I was not joking. On their website, the tobacco allegedly contains the aroma of coconut, accompanied with some nutty sidetastes. Not only is there coconut flavour to it, they actually chose a piña colada liquor as an aroma! If you are the type of person to order tropical cocktails with warm weather, this is exactly the taste for you. Admittedly, I have a gigantic sweet tooth, so I just had to try this one out.

This time the leaves are a combination of virginia and cavandish. On their own the leaves are soft and mild, but combined with the aroma of coconuts and nuts, it is high on the aromatic scale. All in all, we are in for a sweet and soft experience. For just € 20,60 you get a nicely decorated box containing 100 grammes of tobacco. This makes the pricing quite lucrative and if you want to try out sweet tobacco for the first time, give it a go.

Sunny afternoons

If you had any doubts about whether or not you could use this tobacco for sunny days, the box takes those worries away. Once again, the box is made up out of solid wood with a beautiful Irish-green paintjob. On top of the box the name of the tobacco is imprinted in gold, alongside the image of Charlemagne with several stars. Only by imprinting the sun itself on the box could it have been more obvious to take this box out on a sunny day. Where the Carolus Magnus box gave a royal feeling, this box gives an impression of sailing on the Caribbean Seas.

Then, does one get a sense of sailing the Seven Seas when opening this box? Once I opened the plastic bag inside, I was greeted with that typical tropical smell of a piña colada. Coconut is obviously the main factor, but the other ingredients of that cocktail are present too. On the backside of your nostrils, you will notice the somewhat sharp senses of nutmeg or another type of nut. This combination of tropical sweetness and sharp nutiness is a very welcome one!

Sweet and nutty

After stuffing my pipe, it was time to light the mixture up. To no surprise, the coconut immediately hit my tongue. Even though we are dealing with hot smoke, the aroma of coconut adds a certain coolness to it all. This opens up the mouth to the sidenotes of the nutmeg, that sharpens up your mouth area. In general, this tobacco delivers an amazing 1-2-punch. Not only does the smell translate well into its taste, it keeps this up for the entirity of your smoking session. Ideally, you would want to combine this tobacco with a nutty coffee or one of your favourite summer drinks.

I have to say that I am pleasantly suprised by this tobacco. Schneiderwind so far has provided amazing and unique tastes, but this one is perhaps the best allrounder so far. It does exactly what it promises and delivers on all fronts. Combined with a great box design and a great pricing, this is definitely a taste you want to try out. With Spring and Summer on the horizon, grab out your favourite drinks and bring out your pipe with this tobacco. Alongside a cool cocktail, refreshen the warm days with Schneiderwind’s Mixture Aachen 2007.