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Winter has come and that means we have to find some means to warm ourselves. For the tobacco smokers among us, this means that we have to adjust our taste to the season. After all, nothing helps brave the winds of winter more than the warmth of a good seasonal taste. For this review, we took a look at the tobacco from one of Germany’s oldest shops, located in Aachen; Schneiderwind. The name of the selected pipe tobacco? Why, Winterdream of course.

Every good thing the season has to offer

What immediately came to my attention when selecting this tobacco was its contents. Schneiderwind promises a very rich blend of everything tasty that we often associate with Winter; there is the sweetness of everyone’s favourtie sweet at the fireside, nougat. This is then combined with the spice of cinnamon, the nuttiness of almonds, and lastly, to literally put the cherry on top, there’s that typical taste of cherry. Even seasoned smokers will therefore enjoy a tobacco that is very high on the aromatic scale. This is all based on black Cavendish and golden brown Virginia leafs.

All in all, this seemed like a very promising taste and the pricing was a pro as well. For just € 20,40, you receive a tin of 100 gramm. The tin itself is not too stylish in terms of aesthetics, mostly just having a pleasing image on the top of the tin. Otherwise, it is a very common looking tin, so collectors of beautiful tins will not necessarily be looking for the outwards of this tobacco.

A fantastic smell, very alright taste

After receiving my tin, I immediately went ahead and opened it. I expected to be surprised by a pleasant smell, but what I got was even better than I had hoped. Immediately after opening the lid, you are welcomed by a smell of prominently the almonds and cherries. The bittersweetness of the cherries contrasts very nicely with the nutty senses of the almonds. The nougat is somewhat further off into the distance, but adds a pleasant and intensely sweet aftersmell. In terms of pleasing the nose, this tobacco surely sits amongst the best.

The tobacco was nice and still somewhat damp and fit nicely into my pipe. After lighting it, the first thing that I noticed was that the nougat made its way through the smell. In this sense, the famous sweet managed to find a prominent place in the taste I got from the smoke. Whilst the cherries and almonds were more prominent in the smell, they became somewhat more of a background extra. Admittedly, this was somewhat disappointing, although this was taken away in the aftertaste by the cinnamon. The spice, which was not that noticable in the smell, founds it way to the roof of my mouth, giving me that very specific ‘cinnamon’ spice burn. This contrasted amazingly well with the nougat and smokers who buy this tobacco, may expect a taste that goes from sweet to spicy.

A swell Winter’s warmth

Conclusively, I can say that I am happy about this taste. True, it might not win the crown for the best sensation one may get from aromatic pipe tobacco, but it sure does breath in some warmth in the cold of Winter. So if you are looking for that typical seasonal warmth and sweetness and spice, you may want to dream away with Schneiderwind’s Wintertraum.