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One of my favourite authors of all time next to J.R.R. Tolkien is perhaps C.S. Lewis. Coincidentally, both men knew each other in their own time and had a steadfast friendship that they fed together. Not only were they of great inspiration to each other, helping each other out with their famous works, they also shared the some fondness for the beauty and truth in our world. It is of no mere coincidence that central to their works are exactly these themes, of beauty, truth, and the good in life. Where Tolkien portrayed these concepts in his Lord of the Rings trilogy, Lewis did the same in writings such as The Chronicles of Narnia and perhaps most prominently in The Abolition of Man. This is a book that we certainly will get to some day, but for now. Let us enjoy a brilliant quote from this enigmatic figure. It is a quote that best demonstrates what is key to a good life; appreciating and recognising the beauty of life.